Are Caribbean Media houses ready for Data Journalism?

Data Journalism has been described as the future of media by no less an authority than Tim Berners-Lee. In a world where social media giants, twitter and facebook have begun to dominate the media landscape, and the internet has democratized and globalized the access to, and accessibility of information, local media houses and professionals need to embrace this new paradigm. However are regional media houses and editors ready for this challenge? 

As the 15 journalists participating in the Panos|IDRC data journalism fellowship have begun to to embrace the new world of data journalism, and exercise the use of more data sources and graphics in their stories, some are experiencing a push-back by newsroom editors to this new style of story-telling. including responses such as: "concerns about space issues in stories for graphics given the typical story limits";  
"scepticism about introducing these new methods and having only one reporter doing work this way"

"not willing to link to public domain tools such as Tableau to publish anything online outside their own website";  

But as Giannina Segnini who currently leads a team of journalists and computer engineers at La Nacion, Costa Rica’s newspaper, noted in her fascinating presentation to Caribbean journalists at the recent data journalism workshop, it took several years to convince her editors and newsrooms of the merits of data journalism and the value of investing in the human resources and capabilities to build a successful practice. So our journalist fellows will need to become the pioneers and advocates in their own space, and start telling their own compelling stories using these new tools and methods. Discerning readers will certainly take notice and begin to distinguish them from their peers.