DevCA: What



“Developing The Caribbean” is the first regional Conference and Software Developer Competition of its kind, focused on Open Data and Social development. It combines the thrill and competition a code sprint, with the social objectives on government, NGOs and Civil Society. It brings together:

  • Governments and Institutions in the Caribbean that embrace Open Data as an essential component of their information dissemination strategies and a way to work towards development goals.
  • Members of Civil Society that are able to identify Caribbean priorities and challenges that demand evidence-based information for decision-making and problem-solving
  • The Community of Developers that will make use of available data to create new services and provide new ways for communicating valuable information and positively impacting and empowering different communities to achieve developmental goals.


Together, these different communities will work together to build open institutional data approaches and use new information and communication technologies as catalysts for increased regional collaboration in finding indigenous solutions.

Building on prior initiatives of institutions in Jamaica, the Dominican Republic and Trinidad and Tobago that embraced open data, five additional countries (Cuba, Barbados, Guyana, Suriname, St. Kitts) will join this  simultaneous event to be hosted across eight territories. Such an event intends to significantly raise the awareness about the relevant public datasets and engage local developers and their ability to solve relevant problems.

The aim of the event will be to highlight commonalities in many of the problem spaces within our nations and how these can be solved, or in the least mitigated, through the use of ICTs. In support of the theme special emphasis will be placed on engaging private, public and civil sector to provide a number of problem spaces for participating developers to tackle. The conference will combine technical workshops and related presentations. It will be scheduled for Thu – Fri with a 24 hour developer code sprint. This makes the event attractive to both developers and other members of the ICT fraternity.